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Godfather of Cricket: Kerry Packer vs Bradman vs Dhoni

Every cricket fan in the world knows who the God of Cricket is: SACHIN TENDULKAR. If asked who the Godfather of Cricket is, you will hear many names in the list from Kerry Packer, the man who revolutionized cricket through his business ventures or ideas, Sir Donald Bradman, the man who showed how the game should be played with ease and consistency, MS Dhoni, the epitome of leadership and handling tough situations with calmness.

Who is the GodFather of Cricket?

Before we get into what makes someone a Godfather, let’s talk about what that even means. It’s about recognizing those who’ve really left their mark on the sport, whether by being top-notch players, inventing game-changing techniques, or just being influential in shaping where the sport goes next:

Dominant Performance: This could be a player who achieved unmatched success through their skills, like Wilt Chamberlain in basketball. Their achievements set a benchmark for future generations.

Innovation and Rule changes: Someone who revolutionized the way the sport is played through their strategies or techniques, like James Naismith who invented basketball, or Nadia Comăneci who introduced a perfect 10 score in gymnastics.

Promotion and Growth: A person who significantly increased the popularity of the sport, perhaps by creating organizations, leagues, or tournaments, or by bringing it to a wider audience. For example, Jigoro Kano is considered the “godfather” of Judo for founding the sport and establishing its core principles.

Mentorship and Influence: Someone who trained or inspired generations of future stars, becoming a legendary figure within the sport. For example, John Wooden is often referred to as the “godfather of coaching” for his success in college basketball. There are mixed opinions and it is highly debatable on the title “The Godfather of Cricket.”

We will analyze the top contestants and their contributions to cricket. The most discussed names by cricket fans on the Internet are Kerry Packer, Sir Don Bradman, and MS Dhoni.


Kerry Packer – the Godfather of Cricket

Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer, most of this generation’s cricket fans may have heard his name before.

Kerry Packer wasn’t just a media baron; he was the man who revolutionized Australian cricket broadcasting, forever changing how the sport was seen Down Under.

What was Kerry Packer famous for?

In a bold challenge to the cricketing establishment, Australian media titan Kerry Packer launched World Series Cricket (WSC) from 1977 to 1979. This commercial, a professional competition, broadcasted by his Nine Network, ran parallel to traditional international cricket. WSC’s impact was earth-shattering, forever altering the sport’s landscape and paving the way for the modern era of cricket.

Before World Series Cricket (WSC) went on to change the game, protective headgear for batsmen was a rare sight on the cricket pitch. Sure, there were a few pioneers here and there, but helmets weren’t exactly mainstream. That all changed in 1977. English batsman Dennis Amiss became the trendsetter, sporting a modified motorcycle helmet during WSC matches. By the time WSC wrapped up, helmets were steadily gaining traction, becoming a more common sight on the cricket field.

How did Kerry Packer change cricket?

Kerry Packer changed cricket in several ways through World Series Cricket (WSC):

  • Increased Player Payments: WSC offered significantly higher salaries to players, fundamentally changing cricket’s financial landscape and empowering them.
  • Introduced Innovations: WSC introduced innovations that are now commonplace, like colored clothing for day-night matches, white balls for better visibility under floodlights, and microphones on players for increased audience engagement.
  • Focused on Entertainment: WSC prioritized entertainment value, making cricket more exciting for viewers through faster formats and improved television coverage.
  • Global Exposure: WSC attracted top players from various countries, increasing the sport’s global appeal.

Sir Don Bradman – the Godfather of Cricket

Sir Don Bradman, a legend who needs no introduction, reigned supreme as the greatest batsman cricket has ever seen. Throughout his two-decade reign on the pitch, his runs conquered every aspect of the cricketing world, boasting a near-impossible average of 99.94.

Bradman wasn’t just a player; he was a force of nature. Former Australian captain Bill Woodfull famously declared him worth three batsmen all by himself! With his entertaining and attacking style, Bradman became a one-man brand for cricket, drawing record crowds to stadiums, and making cricket a truly international sport. His impact transcended the sport. In 1997, Prime Minister John Howard hailed him as the “greatest living Australian,” and in 2009, he received the ultimate honor – induction as an inaugural member of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Bradman wasn’t just a master batsman; he was a revolutionary one. His technique, years ahead of its time, was a symphony of hand-eye coordination, lightning-fast footwork, and an uncanny ability to score from any angle. No wonder his methods became the blueprint for generations of batsmen to come.

Bradman’s Cricketing Career

  • Matches: 52
  • Runs: 6,996
  • 50’s/100’s: 13/29
  • Batting average: 99.94
  • Top score: 334

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) – the Godfather of Cricket

The coolest and the most successful captain of Indian Cricket, MS Dhoni has contributed significant milestones to Indian cricket.

MS Dhoni rewrote the captaincy rulebook, leading India on a historic limited-overs conquest. From the electrifying 2007 T20 World Cup win to the nail-biting 2011 World Cup triumph and the dominant 2013 Champions Trophy victory, Dhoni became the only skipper to hoist all three major limited-overs trophies.

If you want to gauge MS Dhoni’s fame, just listen to the roar of the stadium during any CSK match in the IPL. It’s a cacophony of cheers as he strides onto the field. The sheer fandom is surreal, palpable every time he graces the ground. Whether it’s the home ground or away matches, it doesn’t matter. Dhoni is the undisputed king, and everywhere becomes his kingdom. He’s the Thala of the Chennai Super Kings, commanding adoration and respect with every step he takes.

Dhoni’s Uniqueness:

  • The Captain Cool Persona: Dhoni’s calm demeanor under pressure and his ability to make strategic decisions in high-voltage moments earned him the nickname “Captain Cool.” This mental fortitude set him apart from some past captains.
  • Finishing Prowess: Dhoni’s exceptional finishing skills, often taking the game deep and emerging victorious, became a hallmark of his captaincy.
  • Promoting Young Talent: Dhoni was known for identifying and nurturing young talent, fostering a successful team environment for the future.
  • The Limited-Overs Specialist: Dhoni’s primary success lies in limited-overs cricket, where his strategic mind and finishing skills thrived.

Dhoni’s Cricket career:


MS Dhoni’s lightning-fast stumping record was set at a staggering 0.08 seconds when he swiftly dismissed Keemo Paul during an intense India vs West Indies ODI match.

Under his leadership, CSK carved a dynasty in the IPL. They reached a phenomenal ten finals in their first fourteen seasons, hoisting the trophy five times (2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, 2023). With an incredible twelve playoff appearances, Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings reign supreme as the IPL’s most consistent team.

There are other tremendous players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Viv Richards, Virat Kohli, Sanath Jayasuriya, and many more legends who have made a tremendous contribution to the cricket that we are seeing now.


MS Dhoni can be termed as the Godfather of Indian Cricket and Bradman has helped cricket reach a wide range of audiences he is the greatest cricketer of all time, no doubt in it. He is the torchbearer of Cricket. However, Kerry Packer has a trend-changing contribution to the cricketing world. He made cricket more exciting for viewers. He also significantly increased player salaries. So, Kerry Packer has every right to be called the “Godfather of Cricket” without any debate.

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