Top 6 Cricket Betting Sites in India

Forget tedious spreadsheets and endless hours analyzing batting averages. The thrill of cricket deserves a dash of daring, a pinch of panache, and a platform that understands the roar of the crowd and the rhythm of the willow. So, toss your old betting playbook and step into the online cricket betting sites arena, where every sixer sings victory and every wicket whispers wisdom.

This guide is your ticket to the best cricket betting sites, each one a champion in its own way. We’ve got giants like 1xbet with its massive variety of bets, Parimatch for its fancy features and expert tips, and even the new kid on the block, 22bet, with its lightning-fast payouts.

There are many options to choose like betting on the predicted score, players’ score, betting on 4s, 6s, and overs, etc. Apart from match outcomes, you can also bet on various aspects from toss to last ball. Try various apps and stick to the one that suits your needs as each app is different from the each other in terms of User experience, odds, and options.



1. 1xbet: The Swiss Army Knife of Wagers (4.7 rating)


Imagine a betting playground so vast, it houses every conceivable cricket bet from the Main Match Winner to the color of the umpires’ socks. 1xbet is that playground, a veritable smorgasbord of betting options that keeps even the most seasoned aficionado entertained.

Live streaming, competitive odds, and an intuitive interface make navigating this behemoth a breeze. Just remember, gentlemen, with great power comes great responsibility. Bet wisely, and you’ll be dancing a victory jig like Yuvraj Singh after that six sixes blitz.

2. Parimatch: Where Passion Meets Precision (4.6 rating)


If you fancy your betting with a touch of elegance, Parimatch is your bespoke suit. This platform oozes sophistication, offering unparalleled user experience and a laser focus on cricket. In-depth match analysis, expert tips, and personalized recommendations fuel your betting acumen, while sleek live streaming lets you savor every yorker in real-time. Parimatch is for the gentleman who demands excellence, both on the field and on his betting screen.

3. 22bet: The Underdog with Bite (4.8 rating)


Don’t be fooled by the fresh face. 22bet may be the new kid on the block, but it packs a punch like a young Virat Kohli. Lightning-fast payouts, generous bonuses, and a constantly evolving menu of betting options keep you on your toes. Plus, their mobile app is a pocket-sized marvel, letting you place bets and track scores even while catching the evening news. 22bet is for the maverick, the one who thrives on defying expectations and hitting boundaries beyond the conventional.

4. 10cric: Home Grown Hero (4.5 rating)


For those who bleed blue, 10cric is your haven. This India-centric platform pulsates with the rhythm of domestic cricket, offering every conceivable bet on Ranji Trophy clashes and local league matches. With exclusive bonuses and promotions tailored to the Indian market, 10cric feels like playing on home turf, even when you’re miles away. It’s for the loyal supporter, the one who cheers for every run and celebrates every dismissal with the fervor of a true fan.

5. Crypto Cricket Caper  (4.3 rating)


Hold onto your digital wallets, gentlemen! is the Bitcoin bullring of cricket betting, where wagers are placed in cryptocurrency and the thrill is amplified by the volatility of the blockchain. A sleek interface, competitive odds, and a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts make a playground for the tech-savvy adventurer. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility (and price fluctuations), so tread carefully and trust your instincts.

6. Betwinner: Where Every Run is a Royal Win (4.4 rating)


Betwinner takes the crown for sheer variety. From pre-match wagers to in-play action, from international clashes to local tournaments, this platform covers all bases. Their loyalty program rewards every winning stroke, showering you with points and bonuses that fuel your next betting foray. Betwinner is for the relentless pursuer of victory, the one who sees opportunity in every ball and celebrates every run like a royal flush.

Gentlemen, the online cricket betting arena awaits. Armed with these six formidable cricket betting sites and your own sharp analytical skills, you’re ready to write your own cricketing saga.

So, step onto the virtual pitch, channel your inner Dhoni, and unleash your betting prowess. Remember, it’s a game of skill, a dance of chance, and a test of your gentlemanly composure. Now go forth, claim your sixes, and conquer the gully glory!

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