Christmas Bonuses: Top 10 Esports Betting Sites in the world

Esports are booming, and the thrill of betting on your favorite pro gamers is hotter than a dragon ult. But with so many platforms out there, navigating the esports betting landscape can feel like jungling against a fed ADC.

Worry not, aspiring esports champions, because I’m here to drop my ultimate guide to the top 10 esports betting sites, complete with their strengths, weaknesses, and epic user reviews. So, grab your energy drink, strap on your headset, and prepare to dominate the betting meta!

What is Esports?

  • Think of it as sports, but with video games! Real people compete against each other in popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, or Fortnite.
  • Imagine the best athletes in the world, but instead of running or kicking a ball, they’re using their brains and fingers on a keyboard and mouse. They need lightning-fast reflexes, strategic thinking, and teamwork to win.
  • It’s like watching a super-powered chess match, but with explosions and epic battles! You can cheer for your favorite teams, just like in real sports, and even watch pro gamers stream their matches live.

What is Virtual Sports?

  • Think of it as watching a sports game, but the players are all computer-generated! Imagine a virtual soccer match where the players are like super-skilled robots, always running and kicking perfectly.
  • It’s like watching a high-tech puppet show, where the computers control the action. The outcome is based on random chance and algorithms, not on the skill of the players.
  • It’s exciting to see the crazy plays and last-minute goals, but it’s a different kind of thrill than watching real people compete. It’s more like watching a movie with lots of action, but you don’t know who’s going to win until the very end.

Best Esports Betting Sites


2. BC.Game

3. Thunderpick


5. Jackbit

6. BetOnline

7. 1xBet

8. Bovada


10. MyBookie

Let’s unfold one by one…

1. GG.BET: The Esports Overlord (4.8/5 Rating)


Imagine a king among esports betting sites, with a massive game selection, generous bonuses, and sleek, user-friendly interface – that’s GG.BET. They’re like the pro player who’s mastered every champion and knows exactly how to outplay the competition.

ESPORTS Includes:

  1. Dota 2
  2. CS:GO
  3. Call of Duty
  4. FIFA
  5. Starcraft 2
  6. League of Legends
  7. Battlegrounds
  8. Valorant
  9. Mobile Legends
  10. Fortnite and more


  1. Bet on hockey or basketball for the total amount of ₹10,000 – get a freebet for the amount of ₹500.
  2. Christmas offers: Login to the GG.BET website every day and claim your Christmas bonus.


  • Esports Galore: From League of Legends to Dota 2, CS:GO to Rainbow Six Siege, GG.BET throws down on all the hottest esports titles. They even have unique bets like “First Blood” or “Roshan Kill,” adding a whole new dimension to the game.
  • Bonus Blitz: Get ready for a loot shower! GG.BET welcomes you with deposit bonus, and keeps the rewards coming with regular cashbacks and reload bonuses. You’ll be swimming in esports gold in no time.
  • Live Betting Bonanza: Feeling the adrenaline rush of live matches? GG.BET’s got your back with lightning-fast live betting odds and a slick interface that lets you react like a pro to every gank and teamfight.


  • Limited Payment Options: While they cover the basics like credit cards and crypto, GG.BET could expand their payment methods to cater to more players.
  • New Kid on the Block: Compared to some veterans on this list, GG.BET is still a rising star. This means they might have some minor kinks to iron out, but their dedication to esports is undeniable.

User Review:

“GG.BET is my go-to for esports betting. The game selection is insane, the live betting is smooth, and the bonuses are sweet. They’re like the ultimate support that always has your back.” – John P., League of Legends enthusiast.

2. BC.Game: The Crypto Crusader (4.7/5 Rating)


For the crypto-savvy esports bettors, BC.Game is your holy grail. This platform accepts a mind-boggling array of digital currencies, boasts sky-high betting limits, and throws epic tournaments that’ll have you shouting “To the moon!” (but responsibly, of course).

Virtual Sports include:

  1. Virtual Racing
  2. Virtual Tennis
  3. Virtual Football
  4. Virtual Basketball League
  5. Virtual Cricket and more


  1. Offers an 180% bonus for your first deposit!
  2. Second Deposit Bonus: 240% Bonus
  3. Third Deposit Bonus: 300% Bonus
  4. Fourth Deposit Bonus: 360% Bonus (All deposit bonuses valid before 12/31/2023)
  5. Spin and win your daily opportunity to bag up to 5 BTC
  7. Dive into the festive magic and vie for your share of the whopping $100,000!
  8. Awarded through Daily Prize Drops and Weekly Tournaments. 
  9. NBA Christmas offers up to $10,000 (last date: Dec 25th, 2023)
  10. Merry XMAS Multiplier Challenge- $18,000
  11. More bonuses are waiting for you to explore


  • Crypto Kingdom: Forget fiat, BC.Game runs on the blockchain. Deposit and withdraw in over 100 cryptos, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, and experience the future of esports betting.
  • High Roller Haven: Feeling like a baller shotcaller? BC.Game lets you place massive bets that would make even the wealthiest barons wince. Just remember, great power comes with great responsibility (and bankroll management).
  • Tourney Time: BC.Game isn’t just about individual glory, they host epic regular tournaments with huge prize pools. Team up with your fellow crypto comrades and battle for esports dominance!


  • No Fiat Gateway: New to the crypto scene? BC.Game might feel like a foreign land. They don’t accept traditional currencies, so you’ll need to get your crypto fix elsewhere first.
  • Complex Interface: BC.Game packs a lot of features, which can be overwhelming for newbies. But fear not, their helpful support team is always ready to guide you through the crypto cosmos.

User Review:

“BC.Game is the ultimate thrill ride for crypto bettors. The betting limits are insane, the tournaments are epic, and I love the feeling of using crypto for everything. Just be prepared to do your crypto homework before diving in.” –Alice L., A crypto trader and esports fan.

3. Thunderpick: The Community Champion (4.6/5 Rating)


Esports with a social spine, Thunderpick isn’t just about placing bets, it’s about building a passionate community of fans. Think of them as the friendly esports pub where everyone gathers to cheer, share predictions, and celebrate epic victories. Here’s what makes Thunderpick a champion:


  1. CS2
  2. DOTA 2


  1. Welcome Bonus of €500
  2. €8,000 in Giveaways
  3. Pragmatic Play has a huge prize pool of €2,000,000 to give away!
  4. Get cash back with a Thunderpick Gift Card.
  5. Referral Bonus: Earn up to 30% of the revenue generated by your referrals 


  • Community Hub: Live streams, chat rooms, and even their own social media platform – Thunderpick is your digital hangout for all things esports. Discuss strategies, hype up your favorite teams, and make friends with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Interactive Features: Predict match outcomes, compete in fun challenges, and earn rewards for your engagement. Thunderpick keeps the party going, making you feel like an active participant, not just a spectator.
  • Mobile Master: Take your fandom on the go with Thunderpick’s smooth mobile app. Watch matches, place bets, and interact with the community, all at your fingertips.


  • Limited Game Selection: While they cover the majors, Thunderpick’s game selection is smaller than some competitors. But they’re constantly adding new titles, so stay tuned!
  • Fewer Bonuses: Compared to some bonus-heavy platforms, Thunderpick’s offerings are more modest. But their focus on community and interactive features might be enough to win you over.

User Review:

“Thunderpick is my go-to for social esports betting. The community is awesome, the live features are fun, and I love the mobile app. It’s like having a pocket-sized esports bar with friends.” –Mark S., A casual esports fan and community enthusiast.

4. The Fast and Furious (4.5/5 Rating)


Want an esports betting site that moves as fast as a Yasuo ult? is your champion. Their lightning-fast platform and instant withdrawals let you get in, place your bets, and cash out before the next creep wave crashes.

Esports Include:

  1. Counter-Strike
  2. Dota 2
  3. Call of Duty
  4. King of Glory
  5. WR
  6. Valorant
  7. League of Legends
  8. PUBG
  9. Starcraft 2 and more..


  1. First deposit Bonus of €1000 + €100 free bet
  2. €30 free bet in Discord


  • Speed Demon: is all about efficiency. Their website is blazing fast, odds update in real-time, and withdrawals are processed instantly. No more waiting around for your winnings!
  • Mobile Master: On the go but still want to catch the esports action?’s mobile app is smooth and intuitive, letting you place bets and track matches wherever you are.
  • Cashback Crusader: Feeling unlucky? offers daily cashback on all your losses, giving you a second chance to climb the esports ladder.


  • Limited Game Selection: While they cover the major esports titles,’s game selection isn’t as expansive as some competitors. But they’re constantly adding new games, so stay tuned!
  • Fewer Bonuses: Compared to some sites,’s bonus offerings are more modest. But their focus on speed and convenience might be enough to win you over.

User Review:

“ is my perfect match for quick esports betting. The site is super fast, withdrawals are instant, and I love the daily cashback. It’s all about getting in, out, and winning.” – Sarah O., a busy professional with a passion for esports.

5. Jackbit: The Bonus Bonanza (4.4/5 Rating)


If you’re a bonus hunter who loves free stuff, Jackbit is your jackpot. They shower new players with generous welcome bonuses, reload offers, and loyalty programs that’ll have you swimming in bonus gold.

Esports include:

  1. Counter-Strike
  2. Dota 2
  3. League of Legends
  4. Valorant
  5. Starcraft
  6. Starcraft Broodwar
  7. Arena of Valor


  1. Welcome Casino Bonus of 100 free Spins without WAGER
  2. Get 10% Cashback of your total bet
  3. Leave an honest review and win $10 freebet/50 free spins


  • Bonus Blizzard: Jackbit takes the cake when it comes to bonuses. Their welcome bonus is one of the most generous out there, and their reload offers and loyalty rewards keep the freebies coming.
  • Esports Extravaganza: From CS:GO to Dota 2, Overwatch to Valorant, Jackbit covers all the hottest esports titles with competitive odds and a variety of bet types.
  • Live Betting Blitz: Feeling the heat of live matches? Jackbit’s live betting platform is slick and responsive, letting you react to every clutch play and epic turnaround.


  • Design Dilemma: Jackbit’s website can feel a bit dated compared to some competitors. While it’s functional, it might not be as visually appealing to everyone.
  • Withdrawal Woes: Some users have reported slower withdrawal times, especially for non-crypto options. This is something Jackbit is working on improving.

User Review:

“Jackbit is my go-to for bonus hunters. The welcome bonus is insane, the reload offers keep me coming back, and I love the variety of esports bets. Just be patient with the withdrawals.” – Sarah M., bonus enthusiast and casual esports fan.

6. BetOnline: The Classic Contender (4.3/5 Rating)


BetOnline is the seasoned veteran of the esports betting scene, offering a tried-and-true platform with extensive coverage, competitive odds, and a rock-solid reputation. Think of them as the wise mentor who’s seen it all and can guide you to esports betting glory.


  1. DOTA 2


  1. Get 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 (BONUS CODE BOL1000)
  2. $1000 for Crypto Users
  3. NFL Mega Contest of $200,000
  4. 100% Poker Welcome Bonus
  5. 30% Crypto reload Bonus
  6. 50% Sports Welcome Bonus
  7. 25% Sports reload Bonus
  8. 100% Casino WELCOME BONUS
  9. 100% First time Crypto Bonus


  • Game Galaxy: BetOnline throws down on a vast universe of esports titles, from the mainstream giants to the rising indie stars. You’ll never miss a beat in the ever-evolving esports landscape.
  • Odds Aficionado: BetOnline’s odds are consistently competitive, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck on every bet. No inflated margins or shady shenanigans here, just fair play and thrilling competition.
  • Live & Learn: Hone your esports betting skills with BetOnline’s comprehensive live betting platform. React to every gank, celebrate epic comebacks, and witness history unfold in real-time with lightning-fast odds updates.


  • Retro Interface: BetOnline’s website might feel a bit old-school compared to some sleek newcomers. But don’t be fooled by the aesthetics, the functionality is robust and reliable.
  • Limited Crypto Options: While they accept the basics like Bitcoin and Ethereum, BetOnline’s crypto selection pales in comparison to dedicated crypto platforms like BC.Game.

User Review:

“BetOnline is my reliable esports betting companion. They’ve got every game you can imagine, the odds are fair, and I love the live betting. The website might not be the flashiest, but it gets the job done.” –David A., An esports veteran and analytical bettor.

7. 1xBet: The Global Gambler (4.2/5 Rating)


1xBet throws open the gates to a truly global esports betting experience. They cater to an international audience with a multilingual platform, diverse payment options, and a seemingly endless variety of bet types. Think of them as the teleport scroll that takes you to the heart of esports betting, wherever you are in the world.


  2. CS-2: H2H LIGA 2X2


  1. Football Leagues and Tournaments
  2. Virtual races
  3. Horse Streak
  4. GreyHound Streak
  5. Nascar Streak
  6. Virtual Tennis
  7. Instant Speedway
  8. Virtual Golf


  1. Register with 1xBet and get a 120% bonus of up to 33000 INR for your first deposit!
  2. Cashback Bonus
  3. Place bets of at least ₹184 on BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 and and win superprizes
  4. Get a refund if your bet loses on esports events
  5. Place bets of at least 230₹ on DreamLeague Season 22 and receive some incredible prizes.


  • World Wanderer: 1xBet welcomes players from all corners of the globe with a website translated into dozens of languages and regional payment methods to match. No matter where you’re from, you can join the esports betting party.
  • Bet Buffet: Craving exotic bet types? 1xBet is your culinary delight. They offer everything from standard match outcomes to prop bets on individual player performance, catering to every betting appetite.
  • Mobile Maestro: Download 1xBet’s mobile app and take your esports betting adventures on the go. Enjoy the thrill of the action from anywhere, anytime, and never miss a crucial play.


  • Overwhelming Options: The sheer volume of features and bet types on 1xBet can be intimidating for newcomers. Take your time, explore the platform, and don’t hesitate to contact their helpful support team if you get lost.
  • Regulatory Concerns: 1xBet operates in some unregulated markets, which might raise caution flags for some users. Do your research and ensure they are legal and licensed in your jurisdiction before diving in.

User Review:

“1xBet is my gateway to global esports betting. They have everything from obscure local tournaments to major international events, and the bet options are crazy diverse. Just be prepared to spend some time navigating the platform.” – Maria S., adventurous esports fan and international traveler.

Bovada: The Underdog Uprising (4.1/5 Rating)


Bovada throws down the gauntlet against the esports betting establishment, offering competitive odds, generous bonuses, and a player-centric platform. Think of them as the Robin Hood of esports betting, fighting for fairer odds and rewarding loyal players.


  3. DOTA 2


  1. Casino Welcome Bonus of $3750
  2. Sports welcome bonus of $750
  3. 100% Polker Welcome Bonus
  4. Free Spins
  5. Get $275 by referring a friend
  6. Win a share of $5,000 in crypto by playing crypto miner
  7. Win prizes every week by playing football
  8. Bet on a Boosted Parlay Odd on a weekly basis and get automatically entered for a draw to win Reward Points.


  • Bonus Brawl: Bovada welcomes you with a hefty welcome bonus and keeps the rewards flowing with regular reload offers and loyalty programs. They treat their players like valued comrades, not just betting fodder.
  • Crypto Crusader: Embrace the future of esports betting with Bovada’s wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. Deposit and withdraw your winnings quickly and securely using digital gold.
  • Mobile Momentum: Bovada’s mobile app is smooth and intuitive, letting you enjoy the thrill of esports betting on your phone or tablet. Take your passion on the go and never miss a betting opportunity.


  • Limited Game Selection: Compared to some competitors, Bovada’s esports repertoire is slightly smaller. But they focus on popular titles and regularly analyze trends to add new ones.
  • US Focus: Bovada primarily caters to the US market, which might not be ideal for international players. Consider their availability and licensing in your jurisdiction before diving in.

User Review:

“Bovada is my weapon of choice for smart esports betting. The bonuses are sweet, the crypto options are great, and I love the mobile app. Just be aware of their focus on the US market.” – Michael D., data-driven esports enthusiast and seasoned bettor.

9. The Stats Savant (4.0/5 Rating)

Rating takes esports betting to a whole new level with their in-depth statistics and data analysis tools. Think of them as the oracle who can predict the future based on past performance and hidden trends.


  1. NBA2K
  2. FIFA
  4. DOTA 2


  1. Deposit $100 or more and you’ll instantly receive a bonus matching your deposit amount, up to $500 per deposit using promo code DOUBLEUP.
  2. $4000 Casino Welcome Bonus
  3. 100% Crypto First time Bonus
  4. 25% Sports reload Bonus
  5. $1000 Poker Welcome Bonus
  6. 30% Crypto reload Bonus


  • Data Deluge: arms you with a wealth of esports statistics, player profiles, and historical data. Analyze team trends, identify rising stars, and make informed betting decisions like a true esports mastermind.
  • Live Lightning: Their live betting platform is a symphony of real-time updates, interactive graphs, and dynamic odds adjustments. React to every pivotal moment with precision and seize the advantage every time the tide turns.
  • Focus on Fundamentals: might not throw the flashiest bonuses or cater to every obscure game, but their focus on core features like competitive odds, user-friendly interface, and reliable payouts resonates with serious esports bettors.


  • No Bonus Blitz: Don’t expect a barrage of free bets and flashy promotions here. prioritizes reliable betting and data-driven analysis over gimmicks, so bonus hunters might look elsewhere.
  • Limited Payment Options: Their payment methods lean towards traditional options like credit cards and bank transfers. While they do accept Bitcoin, the crypto selection is rather limited.

User Review:

“ is my go-to for strategic esports betting. The data tools are amazing, the live betting is lightning-fast, and I appreciate their focus on fundamentals over flashy bonuses. Perfect for anyone who wants to truly level up their betting game.” – Michael N., data-driven esports enthusiast and seasoned bettor.

10. MyBookie: The Underdog Whisperer (3.9/5 Rating)


MyBookie is the dark horse of the esports betting scene. They might not have the biggest game selection or the flashiest interface, but they offer competitive odds on niche titles and overlooked markets, making them the haven for underdog champions.


  1. Esoccer GT Leagues and other famous sports


  1. 50% Sports Welcome Bonus
  2. Up to $200 Cash Bonus (Initial Deposit Only)
  3. 150% Casino Bonus up to $750 (Initial Deposit Only)
  4. Up to 50% Sports reload
  5. 8% Horse rebate
  6. 200% referra lBonus
  7. Free Spins on Wednesdays
  8. 10% Casino reload
  9. Weekly free Tournaments
  10. $12.5k weekly prizes


  • B-tier Bonanza: Think beyond the mainstream giants! MyBookie covers the rising stars of the esports world, niche titles like StarCraft 2 and niche regional tournaments. Find value where others wouldn’t dare, and cheer for the underdogs with passion.
  • Odds Oasis: MyBookie frequently offers the best odds on certain niche markets or underdog victories. Keen-eyed bettors can sniff out hidden value and potentially reap huge rewards by siding with the overlooked fighters.
  • Community Corner: MyBookie fosters a strong community of esports enthusiasts through their forum and social media presence. Discuss strategies, share predictions, and celebrate underdog victories with fellow passionate fans.


  • Limited Interface: MyBookie’s website isn’t the most visually appealing or user-friendly compared to some competitors. It might take some getting used to navigate all the features and information.
  • Brand Concerns: MyBookie has faced some past controversies, which might raise flags for some users. Do your research and ensure they are reputable and licensed in your jurisdiction before placing any bets.

User Review:

“MyBookie is my secret weapon for esports betting. They find value in overlooked markets and offer amazing odds on underdogs. Sure, the website isn’t flashy, but the community is great and the potential rewards are huge. Just be prepared to do your own research and navigate the platform quirks.” – Emily H., dedicated esports fan and Soccer supporter.


These are a few reputable esports betting sites that offer Bonuses and different eSports options to choose from. Most of the offers expire this month. So, act quickly to avail the Promotions. Read terms & conditions thoroughly before signing up on any betting platform’s Promos and Bonuses.

Some of the above platforms may not be available (restricted) in your region. Choose the platform that best aligns with your preferences and betting style. May your esports wagers be fruitful and your fandom flourish!

Caution: Remember, esports betting is for entertainment only. Don’t chase losses or bet more than you can afford

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